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Libertas It's Time Four Step Program for Tobacco Addiction Recovery
It's time
Libertas It's Time Four Step Program for Tobacco Addiction Recovery

The Four-Steps



Our flexible program shares time-tested quitting and recovery methods, which have helped thousands of smokers plan, establish, and maintain tobacco-free lives. Our unique nutraceutical line is specifically formulated for smokers and recovering smokers.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is an excellent approach to managing our withdrawal symptoms from vaporized nicotine, helping us to ease, the physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with early recovery.
Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Using nicotine replacements leads to the most stable and long-term recovery for most smokers.
Caution: Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use these products. As well, individuals with angina, coronary artery disease, hypertension or high blood pressure, ulcers or any other illness should consult with their physician before beginning the therapy.
The Patch
The Nicotine Transdermal Patch releases a controlled amount of nicotine through the skin. It provides a steady state of nicotine blood levels and is an effective method of dealing with withdrawal discomfort and nicotine craving.
At Libertas, we question using e-cigarettes.
Smoking and Nutrition
A combination of health supplements that together help to restore the primary nutrients lost as a result of smoking.
Disclaimer: These products are intended to supplement some of the nutrients that have shown to be depleted in smokers.


One of the most effective things you can do to help yourself quit smoking is surround yourself with a support network. This journey is easier with friends and family supporting us when we need help.
Watch our video on Building a Support Network

Support Network Charts
Our friends, family, and co-workers are incredibly important to us. We are fighting for our life. Use the charts to identify who will help and who might hinder your recovery.
The Support Matrix Chart
A place to assemble the support potential in your life. A good opportunity to see who you can rely on and who you need to keep your distance from. You can also identify patterns of support and potential danger zones.
Support Contracts
The idea of having a trusted friend or family member sign a contract of support could significantly improve your recovery.


The Action Plan is our primary recovery tool. The Action Plan is designed to keep us from reacting, helping us to stay ‘in the driver’s seat’ during our recovery.

Intelligence Gathering
A place to start is the gathering of critical information for the building of an action plan based on fact. Self-awareness is the turning point.
Danger Zone Identification
The identification of the areas in your life that represent a true threat to your recovery. Once armed with this insight you can take action steps to counteract the danger and remain tobacco-free for another day.
Daily Action Plan
Outline, in some detail, an action step you can take for each danger zone you have identified.


The Fantasy of One
The idea that we can have just one more, without fear of relapsing back to smoking, is not real!
Unhook from the Fantasy
The Fantasy of One is a normal, natural part of recovery from tobacco addiction. Do not believe in the Fantasy of One, or you may relapse.
Don’t Worry
As you learn to manage your own withdrawal you will soon begin to witness a dramatic reduction in your mind’s desire to have a smoke.
The Goodbye Letter
The Goodbye Letter acknowledges the role that tobacco plays in our life as well and the fact that letting it go will create a loss.

Identify every pattern, every setback, and every step that led to a lapse or relapse and learn from it. Keep working on your recovery plan, learning from your relapses.
Watch our Video on Relapse Learning

“Transference” means switching from tobacco to another coping manager such as food or alcohol. “The most common recovery for addiction is addiction.”


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